John(Jack) J. Barry III, LTJG, Houston, TX, OB63-65 – In Memoriam…
It is with deep sorrow that we announce the passing of John “Jack” Barry, beloved husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, who left us peacefully on April 14, 2024, at the age of 83. His obituary will be posted in the next Turner Joy 21MC newsletter. He will be remembered and missed. Dave Leverenz, 21MC Editor

Remembering Jack Barry…

Thank you to my former shipmates and past attendees for your memories. Totally off topic, but I attended my first High School reunion 53 years after graduation. I was overwhelmed by the renewed friendships and memories. As a part of former Turner Joy crewmembers, I can honestly say that reuniting with souls with whom I served and other souls who were before and after, being a part of the bigger ‘soul’ of our ship had a different meaning 31 years later, our first reunion in 1990. We gave Her life. Without us, She couldn’t , without you we can’t. TJRG is here for you, so you can stay connected to Turner Joy and your shipmates.
Hope to see many new [old] faces in San Diego, Oct 11/15/23
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ON REUNIONS – From Tod Hale

Served aboard 77-80. MM2 A-Gang under MMC Blodgett. Best memory was sea trials after our 18 month overhaul. I got the privilege of doing the full power steering gear tests. Hard starboard then hard to port. I had the wheel. Then crash back to full astern. Same routine, now that was quite the ride.
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Greetings TJ Shipmates!   I want to pass on some personal comments regarding past visits to Turner Joy Reunions.   I sense that there are some shipmates out there that feel that perhaps it’s been too long and that they won’t know anyone there.   Others may have other reasons for not attending.

I just want to say that once you come, you will be so glad you did.   The camaraderie you experienced while aboard the TJ will return instantly.   The feeling of belonging and connecting with others that served aboard and also experienced the same pride in being a part of something larger than yourself.

I will never forger my first reunion which began on a ferry ride from Seattle to Bremerton where the TJ is moored.   As the ferry neared Bremerton, I felt an inner emotion that I am about to catch glimpse on a long-lost friend.   As the ferry made a final turn and I caught sight on the TJ, I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.   It was such a wonderful feeling to see her again.   I saw past shipmates and made many new friends.   My wife and I have attended many reunions since then and we look forward to attending many more.   None of us are getting any younger so don’t put off reuniting with those you have a strong common connection with.   Hope to see you all in San Diego in October and two years later on the TJ.


Paul Kovar 65-66
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Turner Joy 2023 Reunion
The preliminary agenda of events and activities for the October 11-15 reunion in San Diego is impressive! Expanding the reunion from three to four days offers several opportunities to venture out and explore the many attractions that San Diego has to offer.
 As Co-Chair of the Reunion several years ago in Minneapolis, I can attest that Tod Hale’s appeal to personally reach out to fellow shipmates regarding the reunion works. I found that personal telephone calls tended to be most effective in answering specific questions and explaining the various enjoyable relationship aspects of reunion. Looking back at the attendee list from that reunion in 2010, there were approximately ten people that were attending their very first TJ Reunion!
Dale Sheveland   SFP2 66-69
Eden Prairie, Mn

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      Turner Joy Shipmates:
Your Reunion Group EXCOM is in the process of planning a reunion in San Diego during the period
October 11-15. Since our beginning in 1990, we have normally scheduled for 3 days.  As we have all added a few years, this year it was thought that we should include more free time in between activities. As many of you know who, have been regular attendees, having to be on the go each day is quite taxing. So, with an extra day you will be able to do as you please. There are many attractions in the area for those eager to explore. For those who wish to relax and visit with local friends and or shipmates, this will afford a little individual downtime.
       We are hoping that this announcement will also reach shipmates who have never joined TJRG. We encourage you to join the Group and come to the Reunion. For members, we ask that you reach out to your shipmates. Except for the Covid period, we have enjoyed many gatherings at the ship and East Coast locales. Our East Coast shipmates have hosted great reunions away from Turner Joy.
       A vote was taken shortly after the 2021 Reunion in Bremerton as to where 2023 should take place. In the past, any time that we were on the West Coast, we met at the ship in Bremerton. San Diego was always an option, but the ship was our home and She had the ‘votes’. 2023 will be San Diego.
        TJRG members will receive a newsletter via e-mail or hard copy if you have previously requested such, in March or April. Those of you who have not joined the Group, please contact us and reconnect  with your friends and shipmates. You will not be disappointed. As in the past, we will have an “Icebreaker” on Wed. after registration, Thursday is free day and late arrivals, Friday is a harbor dinner cruise. Saturday as we prepare to say goodbye, we will meet aboard the USS Midway flight deck for our Memorial Service in the morning before the ship opens to the public. Saturday evening our Banquet will be held aboard the Berkeley, a late 1800’s ferry that served San Fransisco for 60 years. If you see Clark Gable in the mist, it could be…. oh well…
          As a member myself since our beginning, I can tell you that almost every time, someone new shows up that I have not seen since I left the ship in July of 1969. That goes for the most of us. So, mark your calendars. I’ll be there along with Jim Chester, our President and the rest of the Reunion Group Committee.
                                                                             “ESSE QUAM VIDERI”
 Tod Hale  STG3   ’66/’69
Central Point, Or
541 840 0492

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Turner Joy Reunion This Year!!

Vice Admiral Edward S. Briggs, USN (Retired) died peacefully at his home in Escondido, CA on November 22, 2022.  His obituary was posted in the December 2022 Turner Joy 21MC newsletter.  He will be remembered and missed.

Dave Leverenz, 21MC Editor

Vice Admiral Edward S. Briggs – In Memoriam

I was on the decommissioning crew – BT3
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From William Dana Lyons

I too am sorry to hear about VADM Briggs ill health. He was my C/O for my two+ years aboard Turner Joy, and being the same age as my own father was a steady influence in my young life then., and I believe a role model for what I did with my life after the Navy. I was so thrilled to see him during the 2014 reunion — on the bridge — where I found him so many times every day as I ran messages up from the radio shack. I felt extremely honored when he and Nan chose to sit with me and my wife at the reunion dinner, no longer enlisted man and officer, but as old shipmates. Get well soon old friend. Rick Haight, former RM2 and most recently, Senior CIA Operations Officer (ret)
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From Rick Haight: for VADM Briggs

Dianne and I were sorry to hear you are not feeling well and wish you a recovery in the near future. You have meant the world to both of us. Also Milt Jantsen who you graciously helped his grandson with his Naval Academy aspirations, sends best. Captain John Sonksen (more…)

A note from John and Dianne Sonksen for Adm Briggs