From Rick Haight: for VADM Briggs

I too am sorry to hear about VADM Briggs ill health. He was my C/O for my two+ years aboard Turner Joy, and being the same age as my own father was a steady influence in my young life then., and I believe a role model for what I did with my life after the…
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A note from John and Dianne Sonksen for Adm Briggs

Dianne and I were sorry to hear you are not feeling well and wish you a recovery in the near future. You have meant the world to both of us. Also Milt Jantsen who you graciously helped his grandson with his Naval Academy aspirations, sends best. Captain John Sonksen

For VADM Briggs from John Hart

Guestbook Entry: I am so sorry to hear of Admiral Briggs declining health. He was my CO for half of my four years aboard. I always thought he was the epitome of a Skipper, approachable, fair and accountable. I fondly remember him sitting on the stable element in the plotting room as we were
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From Tod Hale concerning VADM Ed Briggs

I have received word that VADM Briggs , our commanding officer, from October 1966 to October 1968, is in ill health. Please , if you care to do so, leave any messages on this page. Admiral Briggs has been an integral part of our Reunion Group
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From Tom Faulkner TJ Tour

I served on the TJ from 1969 to 1972 as a Radarman/Operation Specialist. I had the opportunity to tour the TJ 10/06/2022 with my 3 sons, grandson and Daughter-In-Law. It brought back a lot of memories and I shared them all with my family. They laughed and had a great time. I’m glad the Navy…
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Additional from Rick Haight

-picked up a couple hangers-on when they realized they had somebody aboard who “had been there”. I was disappointed in the condition of the weather decks. Only the forecastle had received new paint and polish. Ran into the guy in charge when disembarking and he said he just didn’t have enough volunteers to do more.

Hello from Rick Haight

Hello All — I had the opportunity and good fortune to be able to take my whole immediate family, all 11 of us, to the west coast in June/July. The grandkids all wanted to see USS Turner Joy and they had a personal tour guide. We toured the ship from stem to stern with grandpa…

Short note from Chad James

Shipmates – I welcome all to this new and improved website.

Guest Entry Guidelines

Shipmates – submit any pertinent info that you think might be of interest.  All entries will come to me for approval/entry into the Guest Book. Expect your entry to appear soon after posting. Warning: No political/advertising entries will be posted.  David Leverenz  21MC Editor.
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This Guest Book entry will serve as our first “Official” Guest Book entry following completion of beta testing of the new TJ website by me. 7-7-22. All shipmates should use this Guest Book as a sort of “PDL” = Pass Down the Line space to advise everyone concerning where you are, what you are doing,…
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